The City of Boroondara engaged Environmental Golf Solutions (EGS) to prepare a Vegetation Management Plan (VMP) to assist with managing vegetation and fauna habitat throughout the site that occupies the Freeway Golf Course, located at 47-49 Columba St, Balwyn North VIC 3104.

The VMP is integral to the recent construction project and sets up a scope of action towards 2033 for the course. The plan will inform future approaches to biodiversity management, course management, decarbonisation, and community engagement. Essentially, the VMP and other actions within the plan will assist to future-proof public golf, ensuring the physical and mental health benefits of participating in the sport. It also future-proofs a vital green space for community connection and safeguards local biodiversity. 

This plan will provide multiple benefits to management, staff, golfers, visitors, the local community, and stakeholders by:

  1. Protect the natural environment.
  2. Promoting health and wellbeing.
  3. Provide opportunities to connect through golf and club initiatives.
  4. Provide opportunities to learn from Traditional Owners to manage the course environment.
  5. Assess climate change risks and create a plan to mitigate and adapt to these risks.
  6. Formalise plans to protect, rehabilitate and enhance the biodiversity of flora & fauna, including pollinator and wildlife corridors and VVP grasslands that could become seed banks.
  7. Installation of nesting boxes and a bird spot program
  8. Contributes positively towards reducing carbon emissions.
  9. Provide safe and accessible activities for all ages.
  10. Reduce mowing frequencies and areas reducing carbon emissions whilst increasing habitat and biodiversity. 
  11. Cross-community access increases practical use by other community groups.
  12. Provide a case study for other clubs and golfing bodies.